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Products Made in the USA

DFARS Compliant

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Corporate Offices: New York
Branch Office: Baltimore

Manufacture and Sale of Commercial & Military  Stainless Steel Fasteners

ALLMETAL Screw Products Corp. has a unique and important history in the U.S. fastener industry. Founded in 1929, ALLMETAL quickly became one of the leaders in the manufacture and sale of commercial and military stainless steel fasteners. Our combined warehouses, covering over 25,000 square feet, are devoted to fulfilling the needs of our customers. We have a vast inventory of standard and military hardware and the ability to manufacture fasteners to comply with your specifications, covering a wide range of sizes and materials .Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001. At ALLMETAL, we take pride in having over 150 years of combined fastener experience designed to provide you with the most product information and prompt service in the industry.

What Are ALLMETAL’s Unique Capabilities and Features?

  • ISO 9001 certified as a distributor and provider of custom fabrication for commercial and military stainless steel fasteners, hardware and components.
  • Over 150,000 different types of bolts, nuts and screws, etc. in stock
  • Certified AN – MS – NAS Inventory, all DFAR’s compliant, fully traceable
  • Inventory Management Services
  • Lean Manufacturing Technology
  • Locations in New York, Maryland and Georgia

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Our Information

ALLMETAL Screw Products Corp.
94A East Jefryn Blvd
Deer Park, NY 11729

Corporate Office: Long Island, New York
Branch Office: Baltimore, MD
Phone: (631) 243-5200

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Locations in New York & Maryland

New York Corporate Office
Phone: (631) 243-5200
Fax: (631) 243-5307

Baltimore, MD
Phone: (410) 437-0088
Fax: (410) 437-3551